Writers live by their lists of words, and there is no better way to expand your personal word list arsenal than by using some cool tricks available through the Vocabulary.com Dictionary.

Take, for example, our list 195 Words for Color. We made it in a matter of minutes, combining the power of our Dictionary's Advanced Search feature with our List Building tool. 

First, from the Vocabulary.com Dictionary, we selected "Advanced Search."

Then, in the "Type of" box in the search window, we asked for "color." 

Instantly, we saw every word associated with color our Dictionary has to offer. We then used the List Builder tool to select the words we wanted to keep track of, coming up with 195 wonderfully specific ways to describe color

And in one fell swoop, we transformed those words into a list we can print, learn, store, and revisit any time we like.

Want to learn more about Advanced Search? This short video will get you started. (Check it out on Vimeo here.