How's this for a personality test: When faced with our Abecedarian/A-B-C SAT Prep Lists, do you work your way straight through from A to Z? Or do you skip around arbitrarily?

It's important to study in a way that meshes with your personality. If the A to Z approach feels overwhelming or rigid, try breaking the lists into manageable chunks that mean something just to you.

Here’s how:

  • If your girlfriend’s named Kate, why not start with SAT lists for K A T E?
  • Is your birthday 7-16? (That’s today, so Happy Birthday!) Learn G (letter #7 of the alphabet), then P (#16).
  • You can make an ironic meta statement by learning the letters S A T themselves. 
  • Or maybe  I  L O V E  V O C A B is the mantra for you? 

What other combinations can you come up with? Let us know by posting a comment here. And remember, the more F U N you put into S A T prep, the faster you'll be learning.