Who would ever imagine that you could drive around a corner in Carteret, New Jersey and have the word abattoir (and a cow head) staring at you?!

This picture of the Carteret Abattoir has inspired us to launch the contest, Words in the Wild: Vocabulary in Signage.

We challenge any and all vocabularians to submit a picture of an interesting word you've encountered on a sign.

Let it be big. Let it be bold. Let it be funky. Just make sure the word appears on a sign, is included in our Dictionary, and is learnable. (Stop signs need not apply.)

Submit your pics to [email protected] and be sure to include where your photograph was taken and your name and mailing address. Last day for entrants is Friday October 4, 2013.

Winners will receive a nifty set of Vocabulary.com magnetic poetry. And the first five entrants will receive a Vocabulary.com pen!

So keep an eye out for signs like this one from Flickr user Alistair, and start snapping pics!

Adverse Camber