Vocabulary.com is taking part in a Global Read of the acclaimed novel Queen of Water by Laura Resau, sponsored by the Massachusetts-based curriculum developer Primary Source. The Global Read invites teachers to read Queen of Water, access a free, online teacher toolkit (including three Vocabluary.com Vocabulary Lists), and participate in an online discussion with Resau (November 28 at 3 PM).

Queen of Water--which was an ALA Amelia Bloomer Selection and an ALA-YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults Book--tells a fictionalized version of the life of Ecuadorian Indian María Virginia Farinango, who, as a girl, left her village of mud-walled huts to work as a servant for a mestizo family in the city. According to Primary Source, the novel "touches on many significant global topics, including the treatment of indigenous peoples, educational access, child servitude, race, culture, and identity formation. The novel could be used in both social studies and literature courses that pertain to Latin American history, social justice, and cultural studies."

In addition to Queen of Water Vocabulary Lists created by Vocabulary.com, the teacher toolkit includes recommendations of fiction, nonfiction, films, primary sources, and other online resources to support the novel's content; a set of classroom-ready discussion questions on the novel's main themes; and reading and writing activities that support the development of Common Core reading and writing skills.