When he's not singing "High Hopes" with Daniel Radcliffe at the Oscars, you can find Joseph Gordon-Levitt exploring the meaning of reinforce with the muppet Murray Monster on "Sesame Street."

Have fun watching. And remember: thinking about a word's meaning, or creating a visual like this one, is a great word-learning technique. That's why we've created explanatory "word blurbs" for the words you're learning on Vocabulary.com.

Sometimes our blurbs will give you a visual image, like Gordon-Levitt does when he reinforces the padding around his watch with bubble wrap. Other times our blurbs will introduce a memory trick, or give you an etymological insight, or break the word into parts that reveal meaning. The blurbs are written to sound like a friend or your favorite English teacher is speaking to you, but if it helps to imagine Gordon-Levitt in the room with you instead, go for it!

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