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Avon: Building The World's Premier/Premiere Company For Women

Namely, RJ has a choice to make, hence the season two premier/premiere title, "RJ's Choice."

In the first sentence, Avon is being described as the chief, or perhaps the earliest, company for women. The correct choice is premier. It entered English in 1448 from the Middle French premier, for first or chief, which comes from the Latin prīmarīus. A premier can also refer to a prime minister.

Premier Kathy Dunderdale says Danny Williams did not bring any concerns to her directly.

The first fruits of Bay of Plenty's premier rugby status are about to be harvested.

The second sentence discusses the first episode of a TV show's second season. This time we want premiere, meaning first public performance. This is also a borrowing from French, in this case from première in première representation, in 1889. This première is the feminine form of premier.

It makes it even more surprising a zero-budget production about the wall-crawling superhero was able to premiere first.

The Mainstage Season season will begin with the New York premiere of Itamar Moses' Completeness.

Premiere was first used as a verb, as in to have a first public performance, in 1940. It took several decades before critics allowed premiere to be used that way, but the usage is now considered standard.