Time for a pop quiz! Choose your words...

When they get back, they should try to incorporate some of that raw beauty into the Rockies' color palate/palette/pallet.

The students gather palates/palettes/pallets during the week and stockpile them for sledding.

Reports are that the company will search out favorite regional foods to pepper the palate/palette/pallet for fans in Baltimore.

The first sentence refers to the range of colors the Rocky Mountains offer. The correct choice is palette. It can also refer to the board an artist uses to mix paints or the range of tone in music:

A dark chocolate in the shape of an artist's palette, with a relief of paint brushes and paints, is filled with a liquor-flavored butter cream.

Engineer and producer Butler brings a rich palette of sounds and styles, often trading in unabashed synth-based tracks.

The second sentence refers to a platform used for moving things: a pallet. The term can also mean a straw mattress or a small bed:

Paper-based honeycomb pallets extend branding surface on displays

They would be cutting demos and doing sessions until one in the morning, so I'd make a little pallet on the couch and crash and stay there all week.

Our final sentence describes Baltimoreans' preference of flavors in food, their palate. Palate can also mean the roof of one's mouth or the taste of something, such as wine:

They had assumed the receptors would be restricted to the tongue, soft palate, upper oesophagus and epiglottis.

The palate has plum, smoke, a surprising taste of apricot, but it is all wrapped in burnt rubber.