Choose your words:

Moral/Morale of the story: If you became a middle school football coach so you could trick little kids, shame on you.

Posh needed a moral-/morale-boosting win after a couple of insipid home displays and credit to the players for providing it.

In our first sentence, we want a word that means the lesson of the story, especially a lesson of right and wrong. That word is moral. In the plural, it refers to the rules by which one conducts one's life. Some more examples that use moral:

However, here are 10 moral character failings destroying our nation that I feel, like the mayor, we ought to be up in arms about addressing.

Saudi Arabia Blocks Facebook on Moral Grounds, Promptly Unblocks It

The second sentence describes a win that will make the team feel more confident and enthusiastic. Here the choice is morale. If your department or team has a strong sense of common purpose or dedication, your morale is high; if there's a lot of bickering going on and people are quitting the company or just not doing their jobs, morale is low.Some more examples:

Perks keep morale high at Michigan's top workplaces

To improve officer morale, Sheppard said he will repair union relations, address concerns that officer discipline is handled unfairly and solicit more officer input while improving training..