As a celebration of National Grammar Day today, the American Copy Editing Society announced the winners of an annual National Grammar Day Tweeted Haiku Contest.

Scroll down to read the winners and see a Storify view of all entry tweets, then read more about the winners (and the grammartinis at least one of them will be mixing today) on the ACES Blog. 

First prize: Adriana Cloud (@adicloud)
Let us not to the
marriage of two clauses
admit a comma splice.

Second prize: Pam Nelson (@grammarguide)
Oh, if I were not
in a rare subjunctive mood,
I would wish I were.

Third prize: Allison Chopin(@allisonchopin)
Indefinite, yes.
Reciprocal? Possessive?
It’s love — or pronouns

Fourth prize: Daniel Sosnoski (@mededitor)
Elephant attuned,
The pronoun is objective,
Horton hears a ‘whom’.

Honorable Mention:

Amy Payne @amympayne
"i" before "e" and
Forgive my outburst.

Adriana Cloud @adicloud
So much depends on
a modifier dangling
besides the wrong noun.

Jan Lane @twitlessjan
It’s a little girl!
With a single contraction,
Her whole world expands.

Nehaly Shah @nms077
Lyrics and grammar:
Often incompatible,
But both beautiful.

Stan Carey @StanCarey
Languages change like
People change: slowly, non-stop,

M. Mehan @MTMehanPublic
we punctuate but
never pause to realize
we mark how we. breathe

Rhiannon Root @rhiannonroot
Exclamation point,
Like hot sauce you are spicy
Best used sparingly

Allison N. Chopin @allisonchopin
(Nothing lonelier
than a parenthetical
opened but not closed

Megan Paolone @meganpaolone
Who or whom?
Direct objects cause problems;
you’ll figure it out.

James Harbeck @sesquiotic
Language is a dance,
a mating dance for two minds.
Keep it passionate.

Lisa Cherrett @LCherrett
All haiku poets
must love the singular ‘they’
‘he or she’ wastes syll-…