Have you ever wondered how the combination of Vocabulary.com and your classroom instruction is working?

Or thought about ways to tweak your implementation of Vocabulary.com to help your students achieve even better academic outcomes? Conducting your own action research can help you answer questions like these and shine light on future instructional decisions.

You can do this.

We love to help educators to get the most out of Vocabulary.com. One way to do that is through real-life data and research, so we've created a step-by-step guide for educators who want to conduct action research on their use of the platform.

We can help.

We believe that with a little support, any teacher can tackle this kind of study because action research allows you to conduct research and gather data on your own terms with your current students and classroom. And since Vocabulary.com already provides in-depth data on your students, it's more manageable to transfer that data into your research.

Here's how to get started.

Whether you're ready to dive in or you're just pondering the possibility of a future project, our how-to guide is a great resource. It lays out the learn best practices on conducting action research in simple steps, offers resources specific to the area of vocabulary improvement, and gives you a clear plan for how to design and conduct your own study.

And if you have questions on action research, or have a study that you want to share, we'd be delighted to hear from you! Please reach out to our research coordinator at research@vocabulary.com.