Vocabularians everywhere, get ready to join (or host) a Vocabulary Jam!  What is a Vocabulary Jam?  It’s a competition where teams compete in real-time to see which team can answer the most questions correctly.

Start a Jam in your classroom, among friends, or with a whole auditorium. Here’s how it works:

  1. Start with any Vocabulary List. Search our list library, or create your own list.
  2. Click “Start a Jam!”  Look for the "Start a Jam" button in the “Activities” section on the List page.
  3. Customize your Jam. You’ve got a lot of options – how many teams... how many questions to include... the average difficulty of the questions... how much time to give players, etc. If you’re a subscriber to our Educator Edition, you even get to customize the questions for the Jam.
  4. Invite some players. You’re the host of this Jam, so now it’s time to invite some people to join in. Every Jam has a six digit Jam Code. Tell players to go to https://vocab.com/jam and enter your Jam Code. If you’re the host, you can also join the game if you want – simply click the “Join as Player” button at the top of the Jam.
  5. Start the Jam! When you are ready to kick things off, click “Start the Jam.” Players will get a 5 second warning and the first question will appear for everyone.
  6. Answer quickly – but be careful! Questions in the Jam are timed (you can also play untimed), so you’ll need to think fast.  The faster you answer, the more points your team earns.  But don’t answer too quickly – if you get a question wrong, your team will lose points.

    Not sure of the answer? No problem – players don’t need to answer every question.
  7. Rematch! At the end of the Jam, click the rematch button to automatically create a new Jam with the same vocabulary list, players and teams.  You’ll just get different questions.

So what are you waiting for? Go start a Jam, invite some friends, and get Jammin’!

Jam FAQ:

Q: Who can start a Jam?
A: Anyone!
  Whether you are an educator or a student, anyone with a free account on Vocabulary.com can start a Jam. If you are a subscriber to our Educator Edition, you can customize your Vocabulary Jam and pick exactly which words, questions, and meanings will be included in your Jam.

Q: What if I want my Jam to be untimed?
A: No problem!
Simply choose the “untimed” option when creating a Jam.

Q: Do players earn points from participating in the Jam?

A: Yes! All players who complete a Jam are awarded the points they earn during the Jam.

Q: Do words I get wrong during the Jam get added to my Personal Learning Program?
A: No.
Because of the timed and competitive nature of the Jam, we don’t automatically add words you got wrong to your Learning Program.  However, we do give you the option at the end of each Jam to manually add the words you got wrong to your Learning Program.

Q: Do I need an account to join a Jam?
A: Nope!
You can join anonymously.

Q: As the host, can I move people to different teams?
A: Yes!
Simply click on the person’s name at the bottom and select “Switch to X Team” to switch them to a different team.

Q: How many people can join a Jam?
A: How many people do you know?
We’d love to hear about the biggest Jam you ever hosted  – let us know how it all went down.

Q: The Jam is cool, but it would be better if… how do I give you my Jam suggestion?
A: We’d love to hear from you!
Send your questions, comments and suggestions to us at support@vocabulary.com — or simply leave a comment below!

Thanks again for all your support. We hope you enjoy the Vocabulary Jam and think it's as much fun as we do!