We’re excited to add a new and very useful feature — the ability to learn Vocabulary Lists. This has been by far our most requested feature, and we're thrilled to have it go live.

When you learn a list, you’ll feel like you’re playing the Challenge, only now, you are in charge of the words themselves. We’ll give you questions and, in response to your answers, we’ll focus on the words that you're having trouble with.

Say you have a vocabulary quiz tomorrow in English or want to boost your score on an upcoming standardized test? Plug the words you need to learn into a list, start learning, and you will knock those words out of the park.

Here’s how it works:

You can learn a list that you make yourself (click here to start a new one), or peruse the 10,000+ lists that already live on Vocabulary.com. We’ve added a “Learn” button to show you which lists are ready to go. Clicking on the button will take you immediately to a Challenge that's tailored to the words you're interested in — anything from literary terms to words in the news.

You’ll see that we’ve added a “Learn this List” tab, too. Click on it to start learning. We'll give you a wide array of questions designed to help you understand the words in the list you've selected, and we'll keep challenging you until we're sure you've mastered the words and all their meanings.

The progress bar in the upper right tells you how far you’ve come. The bar will move from 0% to 100% as you get closer to mastering the words on the list. Of course, longer lists will take longer to master, so be patient if you're working through a monster list!

We’ve added some elements to the Review tab as well. You’ll see green check marks next to words we have questions for. (We’re adding new ones all the time.) As before, you can reorder the list alphabetically or based on difficulty, but now you can also sort a list you're learning according to how much progress you've made on each word.

And once you’re playing, you’ll see your question history and progress. Each circle represents a question that we'll use to test your knowledge of a word on the list. We'll show green circles for questions you've gotten right and red circles for the ones you've gotten wrong. Unfilled circles are for the ones you haven't answered yet. It's a handy way to know just how you're doing on each word on the list you're learning.


That's it. You're ready to go. Click here to get started!