The end of the school year looked very different in 2020, and so did the Vocabulary Bowl champions celebrations.

Due to the fact that everyone was learning from home by the time the final Bowl buzzer sounded on April 30th, unfortunately there weren't any pep rallies in the gym or banner presentations in the auditorium when it came time to dole out the awards to the top schools. But that didn't stop Margate Middle School from celebrating its second place finish in the Middle School Division.

As three-time Middle School champs, the Spartans know a thing or two about how to come together when the going gets tough. That's how they won their first national title back in 2016 when the odds were against them, and that's just what they did when it came to celebrating their hard-won Runner Up title this Vocab Bowl awards season.

Bowl Patrol Makes House Calls

Rather than let their shiny new trophy, division and state champions banners, and student achievement medals sit on a shelf in the front office all summer, the staff at Margate volunteered to personally deliver the awards to their students at home. So instead of blowing up balloons and putting up posters in the school gym, the team shipped yard signs and car magnets to Margate's team of super-spirited teachers, and the "Bowl Patrol" was born. The teachers drove to nearly fifty students' homes to present the top word-learners in the school with their individual achievement medals and to give them a moment to hoist the trophy they had worked so hard to earn. And now everyone who drives around town and sees a "Vocab Bowl Champion" sign on the lawn knows that an award-winning scholar lives there.

Spreading the Word

So now that the Bowl Patrol is "a thing", we're working with other schools that want to spread the word in their communities about their students' achievements. Did your school top the leaderboards? Even if you didn't earn a trophy or a banner, we hope you'll celebrate! Anyone is welcome to download and print their own signs and car magnets with the free graphics we've included in this article. And however you choose to celebrate your students' success, please share pictures!

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What Are Your Bowl Goals?

Now it's time to rock the off-season and set your Bowl Goals for an even bigger and better 2020–2021 season! We award monthly champions banners all year long to the top high school and middle school, including in the summer. And with county, state and division leaderboards where your school can vie for the top each day, week and month, there's a level of competition that's right for every school. Here's how your students can master words for your school in the Vocabulary Bowl.