Students across North America are picking up the pace to master as many words as possible and propel their school to the top of their state and division leaderboards.

With just under two months until the final Vocabulary Bowl buzzer sounds on April 30th, this is the time of year when kids really put the pedal to the metal, so it's no surprise that the stats reflect a surge in word-learning as the finish line looms ahead. In only 28 days, students competing in the Bowl mastered a collective total of 4,838,445 words, making this the biggest February total on record.

February Vocabulary Bowl Highlights

Middle School Action

Margate Middle's Spartans put some more daylight between themselves and the Eagles of McAuliffe Middle, making the possibility of an historic three-peat for Margate seem more likely. In other division action, several defending state champs posted big totals, including one southern school that jumped eight spots to land in second, their best showing ever.

To find out which schools ranked in the Top Ten and who got a special shout-out this month, watch the Middle School Roundup below.

February Middle & Elementary School Roundup

High School Action

Etiwanda High School extended its extraordinary success, snagging a record-setting 16th monthly champions banner by mastering 66,302 words. The Eagles are soaring 60,000 words ahead of their closest rival, making a historic three-peat as North American Champion seem inevitable. In other high school action, a slew of '17-'18 state champs posted impressive numbers in their hunt for back-to-back banners, including one school from the northeast that catapulted fourteen spots to crack the overall Top Ten.

To find out which high schools are stacking up where, and to see who got a special shout-out this month, watch the High School Roundup below.

February High School Roundup

Get Your School Involved

The Vocabulary Bowl season runs through April, and we crown monthly champions year-round, so it's always a good time to start competing! To get involved, check out the details and rules here.

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