As more and more people join in the fun of the Challenge, we're always looking for ways to make the experience more "social." Sure, you might think you're doing well with your vocabulary improvement, but how do you stack up against others playing the Challenge? Recently we made some improvements to the leaderboard that you'll see on the right side of your screen when you're playing the Challenge, just to get your competitive juices flowing even more!

When you play the Challenge, you'll notice a box to the right of the questions, with three tabs at the top of it. In the default view, you'll see the words you've been tested on in your current round. And if you're logged in, then you'll also see bars representing your progress on those words. At the bottom of the box, you can see badges representing the achievements you've attained so far.

Clicking on the "Top 10" tab will pull up a leaderboard showing the best of the best among all participants in the Challenge. You can see the leaders based on their point totals for today, the past 30 days, or all time:


If you've logged in to your account with Facebook, then the Challenge is super-social. Just click on the "Friends" tab, and you'll see how your score stacks up to folks you know on Facebook who are also joining in the fun:

We highly recommend getting your friends to play along (there's an "Invite more friends" link at the bottom of the box). That way you'll know who has the vocabulary bragging rights in your social circle. The more the merrier!