Since launching, we've been thrilled to see how our online word-learning system has grown by leaps and bounds, attracting millions of users (including over half a million registered users and students in more than 11,000 schools nationwide). As the premiere site for vocabulary learning, has received recognition from the likes of USA Today, the New York Times, and Time. And now we're excited to announce the next step in the evolution of an app that brings the adaptive learning program and the powerful dictionary that supports it to the palm of your hands.

As of today, you can download the app from the App Store and install it on any iOS device (iPhone, iPod, or iPad). A version of the app for Android devices will be available very soon. For those of you who have been playing the online version, you can get started right away by signing in with your user name and password. But even if you haven't played previously, signing up on the app is easy, and you'll be ready to go. We'll keep track of your progress in both the online and mobile environments, seamlessly carrying over all of your information, including achievements and vocabulary lists you're playing, from one platform to another. Wherever you go, is there!

Everything that Vocabularians have come to appreciate about, from the gameplay to the vocab lists to the lightning-fast dictionary, can be found on the app as well. In addition, the app has some special features that take advantage of the mobile environment. For instance, from any dictionary page, swiping the screen will show you pages for different words: swiping right will show the next featured word in the dictionary, while swiping left takes you back through your lookup history. And if you give the app a shake on a dictionary page, you get the joy of serendipity by landing on a random word. Tapping on the menu in the upper left will reveal vocabulary lists and leaderboards, while tapping on your score will take you to your level and your achievements. Vocabulary lists and even individual words can also be added to your learning program with a simple tap wherever you see a "learn" button.

The above screenshots give you a taste of what's in store. For more information on the app and for the link to connect you to the App Store, just go to the download page. And if you'd like to share the news via Twitter, please click on the "Tweet" button below!

Update: And check out what Fast Company has to say about the app: " Launches a Positively Addictive App for Aspiring Wordsmiths."