Shocking upset. Those two words come to mind when it comes to December's Vocabulary Bowl results. During the final days of 2016, it was clear from the constant flashes of green on the real-time Leaderboards that while students may have been on school vacation, they were most definitely not on vacation from vocabulary learning.


One of those busy schools was Nimitz High, who before December, was virtually unknown on the Bowl scene yet triumphed over familiar powerhouse schools when the New Year's Eve ball dropped.

All the riveting highlights are covered in the December Vocabulary Bowl Roundup Video, including the emergence of several schools making gargantuan gains in both the Middle / Elementary and the High School Divisions.

In our monthly Spotlight segment, we give a shout out to the top five schools in Colorado, where the Bowl is really catching on. From Pueblo to Denver and beyond, vocabulary learning as a spectator sport has hit the Rockies.

Here's one more word inspired by December's big players: tenacity. That's what all these amazing schools are bringing to word-learning and competing. If you're not in on the action yet, check out the Vocabulary Bowl details, sign up to play for your school, and join the quest for word domination.