We are officially in the home stretch — in more ways than one — with just one month remaining in this year's Vocabulary Bowl!

March Madness may have been cancelled, but the March action in the Vocab Bowl was as exciting as ever as students continued to master words wherever, whenever! Even though schools across North America have been closed for weeks now, tens of thousands of learners rallied and kept up the record-breaking pace that we've seen all season. You mastered a collective total of 5,580,422 words last month, an 18% increase over March of 2019, and the seventh consecutive record month. And with 36,663,395 words mastered since the Bowl season began, the goal of topping 40,000,000 words this season is still within reach despite the recent upheaval that's turned school as we know it upside down.

The Show Must Go On

Here at Vocabulary.com, we love rooting you on and bringing you the Bowl highlights and shoutouts, so we decided that if you could figure out a way to keep your work from home, so could we! The result is a special "working from home" edition of the March Bowl Roundup videos. We hope you like it!

March Vocabulary Bowl Highlights

High Schools Aim High

All eyes were on Etiwanda, last year's North American champions, as they pulled farther ahead of Walnut Hills, increasing their lead to nearly 50,000 words and winning their third straight monthly championship. The Eagles may be flying too high this year to catch, and look to be on their way to their fourth title.

March High School Roundup

Middle Schools Bend The Curve

McAuliffe is holding steady in third place overall and is hanging on to the top spot in the middle school division, but will their efforts be enough to hold off defending Middle School Champions Margate? The Spartans have been upping their game recently. Could they rally and score a last minute victory?

March Middle School Roundup

Indivisible, With Vocabulary For All

Elise Buckingham surged ahead in the Division III race, learning 11,419 words in March anc all but clinching its vistory as High School Div. III Champ. Ashe County maintains its place as top middle school in Division III. In Division II, Great Neck North continues to dominate the field, but it's a tight race for second place between Sycamore, Wheelersburg, and Pines. There's also a cluster of schools just outside the top ten — Muscatel, Saint Mary's Ryken, Ladera Vista, and Sheridan Tech — any one of which could break in the top 10 in Division II before the final buzzer sounds. Stay tuned to the leaderboard action as we head down the final stretch!

Get Your School Involved

The Vocabulary Bowl leaderboards are structured so that schools of every size can compete at the county, state and national level on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. In addition to awarding monthly champions banners to the top high school and the top middle school year-round, we also award banners to Division and State winners at the end of the academic season. This year's competition started on October 1st, so now is the perfect time to learn more and get your students signed up to play, compete and learn in the Vocabulary Bowl.