February is the shortest month of the Vocabulary Bowl season, but it was definitely the most exciting so far.

Students across North America collectively mastered 4,838,455 words in just 28 days. That brings the total for the first five months of the 2017 - 2018 Vocabulary Bowl season to an astonishing 19,955,902 words mastered. You — the students across North America playing in the Bowl — are on track to surpass the nearly 27 million words mastered last year. That means it's time for everyone playing in the Vocabulary Bowl to crank up the effort between now and April 30 so that you can shatter the previous total.



February 90-Second Roundup

In other Bowl news, Mexia High School now holds a nearly 70,000 word lead in Division II, while Division III is still very much up for grabs. English teacher "Larry Lexicon" at Buckingham Charter High School is managing to keep his Knights in the lead. But East Early College High School, where the illustrious English teacher "The Shugginator" (remember her from 2-time champs Chavez?) has built a team from scratch in two seasons, is nipping at their heels and remains a serious threat with just two months remaining in the season.

The High School Division saw the closest match-up to date, with January champ Walnut Hills and defending overall champ Etiwanda trading first and second places on the leaderboard several weeks into the month. In the end, Etiwanda did something Bowl Fans haven't seen from the Eagles since November $mdash; a full court press in the final days to take back the lead and keep it. In the end, the students at Etiwanda mastered 59,691 words to claim their 9th monthly champions banner and cement their lead for the season.



February High School Roundup

The Middle School Division also saw some close play in February, with River Trail Middle School coming within 3,000 words of defending division champs Margate Middle. This is how rivalries are born, so we'll be watching the Middle School leaderboards closely to see what River Trail does in March. March is traditionally a huge month for Margate, who last year set the all-time record for most words mastered in one month at 85,912 in their March Madness Challenge. Another exciting development last month was the appearance of Connecticut's North End Middle School at number 9 in the rankings. Just about every month a new school cracks the big leagues, which just goes to show that anything can happen when teachers and students work together and commit to word learning.



February Middle School Roundup

It's never too late to get your school involved in the Vocabulary Bowl. Check out the details for how your students can play their way to a better vocabulary and stronger literacy skills. Every student at every school in North America can be a part of reaching our goal of 27 million words mastered this year.