We’re excited to announce that as of today, any Vocabulary List on Vocabulary.com can be played as a spelling bee. Now, you can use Vocabulary.com to practice your spelling as well build your vocabulary.

To play the Spelling Bee, go to any list and click the Spelling Bee tab.

  • Each turn, we'll play you a recording of a word (and show you the definition).
  • You try to guess the spelling.
  • Only your first guess counts towards your score. After that, you can keep trying to spell a word correctly without penalty.
  • After your second guess, we'll start to give you hints.
  • After three incorrect guesses, you can press the "I Surrender" button to reveal the correct spelling.
  • When you get a word wrong, we’ll give you that word again later on.
  • Press enter at any time to speed through the bee.
  • Wear your headphones! Hearing the subtleties in the pronunciations can really help.

So get to it! As an introduction, try spelling the Vocabulary List “Charlotte’s Web”: Chapter 1. Want more of a challenge? Try “Jane Eyre” -- Chapters I-IV. And for the spelling masochists out there, we offer Greek Words