We've crowned our Champions for the 2019–2020 Vocabulary Bowl season, but the competition continues all year long with Monthly Champion Banners in both the Middle and High School Divisions.

Between now and the beginning of the next season on October 1, schools can compete for Monthly Champion Banners, building momentum, excitement, and school spirit that will carry over into the 2020–2021 season.


Brooklyn In The House

Congratulations to James Madison High School of Brooklyn, New York for their May Vocabulary Bowl win! The Knights mastered 27,931 words in May, winning their FIRST ever Monthly Champions title. 

The Knights charged onto the leaderboards this season, catapulting from 482nd place last year to 6th place this year in the High School Division. Not only did James Madison take home a Top 10 High School Champion Banner, they also took home the title of 2019–2020 New York State Champion.

While the students deserve immense credit for their heroic efforts, dozens of teachers also worked toward this win, fostering enthusiasm for word learning and building Vocabulary.com into their curricula. Special shoutouts are also warranted for Mr. Tutone's, Mr. Fleming's, Ms. Liebb's, Mr. Archer's, and Ms. Shemtob's classes for their extraordinary contributions.

James Madison is definitely on our "Schools to Watch List" as a serious contender in the High School Division and New York State Race in next year's Bowl. And since the Knights haven't slowed down this summer, they'll receive another hang-in-the-gym-worthy banner to display alongside their other well-deserved winnings.

Hiya, Hialeah

With 20,466 words mastered, Hialeah Gardens Middle School of Hialeah Gardens, Florida won the Middle School Division for the second month in a row. This caps off a stellar 2019–2020 Bowl season for Hialeah Gardens, which finished 5th among all schools in North America and 3rd in the Middle School Division.

The Jaguars finished in the North American Top Ten every month of the season, and have been steadily and stealthily closing in on the top-ranked middle schools like McAuliffe and Margate. We wouldn't be at all surprised if next year they make their move for the Division Title. They jumped from 35th to 5th place in one year — could they step up and win it all in 2021?

There are hundreds of students and dozens of teachers who teamed up to make this victory possible, and we'd like to recognize the students in Mrs. Lago's, Mrs. Cabrera's, Mrs. Laubscher's, Ms. Fernandez'a, Ms. Tejero's and Ms. Algaze's classes in particular for their remarkable achievements. Congratulations to everyone involved!

It's never too late to get your school involved in the Vocabulary Bowl. We award Champions Banners all year long, and many schools "get their game on" in the summer months. With county, state and division leaderboards where your school can vie for the top each day, week and month, there's a level of competition that's right for every school. Here's how your students can master words for your school in the Vocabulary Bowl.