When it comes to learning, having multiple ways to access material can be a huge boost to understanding and retention. That's why we're so enthused about our new feature release: spoken audio. Now anyone can hear Vocabulary.com as they play and learn. It's a small change that we hope will make a big difference to lots of learners.

How so? Listening to spoken language can make text more accessible for second language learners, folks who find reading itself a challenge, and auditory learners who process information by hearing it. We should also mention that vocabulary is at the core of speaking and listening, not just reading and writing, which tend to get all the attention these days!

How does it work? When you're playing the Challenge, just click on Turn on spoken audio to the lower left of the question window to activate audio mode. You'll hear the question and choices read aloud. Want to hear the question again? Just hit the "Q" key.

Once you've selected the correct response, you'll move on to the word explanation. These "blurbs" (as we like to call them) are crafted by our team of lexicographers and writers to be interesting and informative, so we're delighted that making them "listenable" means that they are more accessible, too. Want to hear a blurb again to really absorb it? Tap the "R" key to repeat.

Ready to try spoken audio? Getting started takes one click, that's it. If at any point you'd like to return to reading on your own, you can toggle audio mode on and off with the "L" key.

Please keep in mind that this is a "beta" release, meaning that we are still improving it and working out all the kinks.  Also, please note that this feature is currently only available on desktop browsers (sorry, no mobile support yet).

We're thrilled to be able to make word learning richer and more accessible to all you vocabularians out there. We encourage you to give it a try. We hope you are as excited about it as we are.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks again for your support,
The Vocabulary.com Team