Jam with us!

A tricky question on the word "craven" threw many players for a loop in this week's Vocabulary Jam, which was based on words from Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven." But despite losing a few hundred points on that one, Team Red had such a sizeable lead that they handily won this battle of word wits. 

Each week, Vocabulary.com hosts a Flash Vocabulary Jam that's open to the public. And by "the public" we mean everyone, everywhere. Players from all over the map team up with the folks here at Vocabulary.com for ten minutes of fast and fun wordplay.

Next Flash Vocabulary Jam
Date: Friday, April 20
Time: TBD

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Invite your students, your online friends, and your next-door neighbors to join us for a few minutes of friendly-but-fierce vocabulary competition. When it comes to the Jam — the bigger, the better.

Never played a Vocabulary Jam? Here's how it works.