The dictionary has a new look!

We've freshened the design to improve your experience, making it easier to find what you're looking for and more enticing to explore new words. We've also surfaced many additional features that you might not have used yet, but are sure to enjoy!

Here's what's new:

Main Navigation

Starting at the top, some of the links in the main navigation are different. We've replaced LOOK UP with DICTIONARY so that it's crystal clear how to get to the dictionary. The PLAY button has been replaced with LEARN, and LISTS are now VOCABULARY LISTS. The search bar is also more prominent in the new design.

The Only Ad-Free Online Dictionary

We've made the dictionary an ad-free experience for everyone! Now you can focus on the words, and your learning, without any distractions. We're proud to provide students, teachers, and life-long learners this uncluttered, user-friendly resource for word learning.

Updated Layout

You'll also notice improvements to the overall layout. We reduced the extra white space to make the page more compact, allowing us to surface some fan-favorite features. Now, below the word search bar, the Advanced Search and Random Words features are more visible. Give them a try for yourself!

We've also renamed the "Choose Your Words" section as "Commonly Confused Words" and moved it higher up on the page. Now it's easier for users to access, and easier to see how valuable this great resource is!

Take a Quiz

Think you're a vocab whiz? Take a fun quiz to find out just how strong your word power is! Now, users who haven't created an account can try out's questions when they look up words.

If you already have an account, you'll still see the "Start learning it now" button to dive in and learn any word you looked up.

When you click the green button, you'll jump right to a question that teaches you the word:

Still the Dictionary with a Soul

Despite these changes, one thing is the same: the dictionary is still written for humans, by humans. One of the reasons that both learners and teachers love our dictionary is the friendly explanations that make it fun to learn new words. These aren't dry definitions that you'll look up and forget — these are clear, amusing descriptions that you'll understand and remember!

Check out some of our favorite explanations: hirsute, quadruped, surreal, lackadaisical — or try a random word!

We hope you enjoy these improvements and have fun using the dictionary to expand your vocabulary!