Publicizing students' success in the Vocabulary Bowl within your local community is a great way to reward and motivate students while boosting your school's profile. To help you make it happen, we've created a PR Toolkit for educators and school administrators.

The toolkit breaks down the publicity process into easy-to-follow steps so anyone can:

  • Identify Vocabulary Bowl achievements or stage events for their school,
  • Create a press package, and
  • Send a press release to the local media.

Finding an achievement to celebrate is the easy part. Is your school celebrating a Top 10 Vocabulary Bowl leaderboard position in your state? Did you finish the day on top of the Vocabulary Bowl daily leaderboard? Maybe you achieved a school goal, such as reaching a words-mastered milestone (say, 1,000 new words)? 

Although sometimes it seems the media focuses on negative coverage about our schools and teachers, journalists really do like to spread the good news. Here are some winning examples of schools who have reached out for media attention, generating news stories about their students' hard work and word-learning success:

  • Margate Middle School in Margate, FL, got a short, spirited article published in their local news about their ranking on the state and national leaderboards and their ongoing rivalry with another Broward County school.
  • The, out of Chester, VA, published “Seven Chesterfield Schools Rank Top 15 Nationally,” profiling Midlothian Middle School’s ranking in the Vocabulary Bowl.
  • Chavez High School of Houston TX, winner of the 2014-15 Vocabulary Bowl, received glowing coverage in their local media. Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Lisa Falkenberg wrote about their achievement in the Houston Chronicle, describing how “the students and teachers at Chavez got really fired up once they took on the prestigious Bellaire High School during a monthly matchup.” Read all about it here.

Get started promoting your own success story by checking out the PR Toolkit and accompanying press release template today! And if your school hasn't yet taken part in this year's Vocabulary Bowl, now is a great time to start.