If you happened to be watching the Vocabulary Bowl Leaderboard on November 30th, you know that the countdown to midnight, when the monthly champion is declared, was a real nailbiter.

Etiwanda swapped the number one and number two spots with the Rebels of Boyle County High School for a while there, but it was a big push by the Eagles in the home stretch that propelled them to the top. This is their second monthly win in three months, and at this rate they might need to make some space in their hallways for a growing collection of glorious green Champions banners!

Etiwanda Eagles receiving their first Champions Banner

What's behind their success? The students are the ones learning the words, but there's an amazing team of teachers behind them. Etiwanda educators are selecting and assigning word lists directly connected to texts they're reading for class, from Shakespeare to Sophocles, and it's integration like this that makes all the difference. When students get that steady "diet" of playing the Challenge and completing assignments connected to the curriculum, the learning really takes off.

One of the word lists practiced at Etiwanda is called "Words to Capture Your Joy." We're guessing that might get a lot of play as the Eagles celebrate another victory.