We've certified the results, and it's official: there are a whole lot of hard working students, teachers and schools out there who are serious about word learning.

The 2016 - 2017 Vocabulary Bowl ended on April 30, concluding a season of leaderboard action that had everything a Bowl fan could ask for: new names making a splash, tsunami-size surges of word learning, and veteran contenders raising the bar for all.

Watch the recap of the '16 - '17 Vocabulary Bowl season

This season nearly one million students from 38,828 schools across the U.S. and Canada participated in the Vocabulary Bowl. That's up from 23,000 schools last year. More students means more learning, and this year's group collectively mastered a total of 26,876,833 words and set a new record for most words mastered in a season, nearly doubling the 14 million from the previous season. And no matter where your school ranked on the overall, division or state leaderboards, if you mastered even one word you were a part of making this the biggest Bowl ever, so thank you!

We have certified the results, and are proud to officially announce that Etiwanda High School of Etiwanda, California is the 2016 - 2017 Vocabulary Bowl Champion. The Eagles mastered a staggering 365,451 words over the course of seven months and soared ahead of their competitors by a wide margin. Etiwanda also won three monthly champions banners along the way to the title and consistently banked major totals on the leaderboards. That relentless effort propelled them into the lead over former bowl champ Lanier Middle in January, and the Eagles never looked back.

Another monthly banner winner was the overall Runner Up and Middle School Champion Margate Middle School of Margate, Florida. The Spartans were so pumped when they won the March banner that they decided to make a charge for the top of the middle school leaderboards to try to take the season lead. They mustered the stamina to sustain their massive word-learning effort through April, overtaking Lanier in the last week of the season to land at number one in the division with just days to go. Margate held on and finished as both Vocabulary Bowl Middle School Champion and overall Runner Up.

While Etiwanda and Margate made it all the way this season and managed to surpass early season-leader Lanier, the Mighty Purple Pups had as much of a dominant role in the season's excitement as the champions. Lanier burst onto the scene and claimed the first monthly banner of the season back in October. Everyone could see that right out of the gate, the Pups were in it to win it, and it was their high level of play month after month that raised the bar for any school with its sights set on a trophy. Lanier was the one to beat this year, and although they couldn't quite hold off Etiwanda and Margate, they finished as Middle School Runner up and are still one of the most accomplished schools ever in the competition, with back-to back Middle School Champion and Runner Up titles from the past two seasons plus numerous other achievements. It's veteran teams like Lanier who raise the bar for word-learning and propel everyone who competes to strive for more.

Stay tuned for all the highlights from the awards ceremonies at Etiwanda on May 15th and Margate on May 24th, when we present each winning school with the champions trophy and medals for the top students.

Congratulations and thank you again to all of you word-learners out there for participating in the Vocabulary Bowl. We're already looking forward to seeing what you amazing schools, students, and teachers will achieve next year.

Want to keep the word learning and the fun going in the off-season? Remember that the school that masters the most words each month all year 'round wins that glorious green champions banner, so PLAY ON!