If you like drama, you can't beat watching the Vocabulary Bowl leaderboards lately.

While it was no surprise to see two-time defending champs Etiwanda High School soar to the top of the pack with yet another crushing wave of word-learning last month, the final September results shocked Bowl fans everywhere.

Despite having the monthly win safely in the bag several days before the final buzzer would sound at midnight on the 30th, the Eagles did not ease up. In the end, the students at EHS mastered 97,225 words. It was enough to win the September Vocabulary Bowl by a nearly 40,000-point margin, enough to earn them their 12th champions banner, and enough to set a new record for the most words mastered in a month.

Preseason Record-setting Previously Unseen

Until last month, holding this record was a feat that even the illustrious Eagles could not claim, and what makes this new record so exciting is that it was set in the last month of the off-season. In the past, this kind of effort typically occurred toward the end of the season as schools vie for vocabulary glory. The previous monthly high was held by '17 - '18 Division III champs Buckingham Charter Magnet School, whose Knights mastered 97,050 words back in May. The Knights set their record in an all-out Bowl battle against East Early College High School for the division title. A similar story unfolded the year before in the final months of the '16 - '17 season, as defending two-time middle school champs Margate Middle School set a record in their quest for their first national title.

The Plot Thickens

If you're thinking that no one has a shot at beating Etiwanda this month or this year though, think again. The '18 - '19 Vocabulary Bowl just kicked of a few days ago, and here's a snapshot of the overall words mastered leaderboard as we wind down the first school week of the new season:

Tons of Word Learning, Tons of Fun

Congratulations to Etiwanda High School on their awesome academic achievement. The Eagles are setting the bar higher for students everywhere, which means that there's a ton of word-learning and a ton of fun ahead in the upcoming season.

In case you missed it last month, here's our sneak peek at what's ahead:

Vocabulary Bowl Preseason Forecast

It's never too late to get your school involved in the Vocabulary Bowl. Visit the Bowl page for details.