We've passed the halfway point in the Vocabulary Bowl season, and defending champs who once dominated their divisions are now threatened by disruptors determined to shake up the status quo.

One of those disruptors has been on the verge of victory for a long time, and January was finally their month. Walnut Hills High School of Cincinnati surpassed defending champion Etiwanda and early leader Cliffside Park to take the top spot and stay there, earning their first Vocabulary Bowl Champions title.



January 60-Second Roundup

The WHHS Eagles mastered a total of 54,265 words, including "harbinger." It's a fitting word, given that their victory may be a harbinger of next month's leaderboard action.



January High School Roundup

That wasn't the only excitement in the High School Division. After a lull, Tucker High School of Tucker, Georgia mustered their Tiger tenacity to land at 5th in the Division and crack the Top Ten for the first time this season.

Another high school made its national leaderboard debut in January. Piscataway Township High School held nothing back, and that dedication paid off when they became the 9th ranked High School in North America.

The Middle School Division experienced its share of upheaval, too. Until now, McAuliffe Middle School of Los Alamitos had its strongest showing back in October when it ranked seventh in the division. Suddenly McAuliffe shifted into high gear in January, becoming the first school this season to surge past defending Middle School Champion Margate Middle.



January Middle School Roundup

And in a stunning upset, Alice C. Stelle Middle School waged a stealthy attack and — with less than one day to go — displaced Ladera Vista Junior High School from the top ten and surpassed Howitt Middle School to land at number 9 in the division.

January was a thrilling month of word-learning action that kept Vocabulary Bowl fans glued to the leaderboards. In total, students playing across North America mastered a collective total of 4,262,264 words. It's never too late to get your students involved in the Bowl, so sign up and start playing your way to a better vocabulary. You never know — next month could be your school's turn to be a disruptor.