How is baseball like cake? They both need a good…batter. And both are cause for celebration - just like our Spring Training Challenge!

Schools of all sizes participated in’s month-long Spring Training challenge and these top schools hit their word learning out of the park! These freshly crowned champions (and teachers!) will receive a plethora of prizes including a swag bag, achievement certificates for participating students, customized trophies, and more. Plus, they get bragging rights as the winners of our first-ever Spring Training challenge!

Spring Training Division Champions
Congratulations to the top schools in each division! Their students are MVPs of word mastery. How are the winners determined? High schools and middle/elementary schools are two separate categories. Under each of those categories, we have three divisions based on the number of students per school. Let’s hear it for the champs!

Division I: High Schools
Etiwanda High School in Etiwanda, California, mastered 54,283 words to climb to the Division I leaderboards for 1,000 students or more in high schools.

Spring Training champion

Division I: Middle/Elementary Schools
Margate Middle School based in Margate, Florida hit it out of the park with 28,126 words and rose to the occasion as the champs of the middle/elementary school Division I.

Spring Training champion

Division II: High Schools
The Ursuline School in New Rochelle, New York, rounded the bases with 13,867 words mastered. They’re our High School Division II champion, topping schools with 500-999 students.

Spring Training champion

Division II: Middle/Elementary Schools
Ladera Vista Junior High School located in Fullerton, California stole the number one spot with 14,306 mastered words in Division II for middle and elementary schools.

Spring Training champion

Division III: High Schools
Buckingham Collegiate Charter Academy in Vacaville, California, is our High School Division III winner, for schools with 499 students or fewer. These all-stars put 12,694 mastered words up on the leaderboards.

Spring Training champion

Division III: Middle/Elementary Schools
McKenzie Middle School from McKenzie, Tennessee stepped up to the plate and came in first place for Division III of middle and elementary schools! Despite being in Division III with 499 students or less, they really knocked it out of the park with 29,850 words mastered!

Spring Training champion

Top 5 Schools by Division
We also want to celebrate the top 5 schools in each division. Their students are major league lexicographers!

Top middle and high schools
We’ve got heavy hitters across many grades. Check out the top middle school and high school scorers.

Spring training top five

spring training top five

Top 5 Rookie Schools
Let’s hear it for the underdogs! Congratulations to our top rookie schools who are just getting started with and are already climbing the leaderboards. They did an amazing job and we can’t wait to see which challenge they’ll participate in next!

spring training rookies

Vocabulary Bowl off-season creates opportunities for fierce, but friendly competition that engage students in word learning with our challenges, Jams, and Vocabulary Bowl.

In the Vocabulary Bowl collaboration is the key to climbing the leaderboards. Every student who plays and learns is important to their school's collective achievement, so the more participation there is, the better. The Bowl is about motivating all learners to put in the effort, improve their literacy skills, and experience academic success.

vocab bowl

The Vocabulary Bowl is currently in its off-season but we are excitedly preparing to launch a new season later in 2023. Check back for updates and announcements about future seasons on our blog.