We are excited to announce an all new Vocabulary.com challenge to motivate and engage students this school year!

Vocabulary.com is challenging students to step up to the plate to help their school climb the leaderboards! Motivate your students to master as many words as they can and they just might take home a championship trophy.

Event details

Who: Open to all accredited K-12 schools in the U.S. and Canada
Where: Students can log on to Vocabulary.com from any device to master words and earn points for their school.
When: Wednesday, February 1, 2023 through Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Why: Win prizes for your school, along with bragging rights of word domination!

How to participate

Any student can be an all star in this upcoming challenge! Make sure your students’ efforts count toward your school’s point total with these easy steps:

  1. Have each student sign up or log in to their free learner account. There's no cost for students to play, compete, and learn!
  2. Learners should select their school when creating their account so the words they master count toward the school’s total! Your school’s points will be tracked when students select your school when creating their account. There is no need to sign up your school for the Spring Training 2023 Challenge.
  3. Any words mastered during the challenge will contribute to the point total.

Schools without classroom or site licenses can still participate if their students sign up for a free learner account and select their school.

For educators who want access to additional features like rostering students, creating classes, assigning vocabulary lists, and monitoring student progress, sign up for a free 10-day trial! You'll get total access to all the classroom license features at the best time of year to try a new approach to vocab instruction!

Winners and Prizes

The schools that master the most words on Vocabulary.com during the month-long event and finish at the top of the Division I, II, and III leaderboards for the week will be crowned the Vocabulary.com Spring Training 2023 Challenge Champions.
It's a claim to fame that will earn them bragging rights as well as the following prizes:

  • Vocabulary.com Spring Training 2023 Challenge trophy
  • Vocabulary.com swag bag
  • Customizable achievement certificates for participating students
  • Shareable graphics customized with your school name and mascot to publicly celebrate your win

Divisions for elementary/middle school as well as high schools are based on full time enrollment. Division I is 1,000 students or more, Division II is from 500 - 999 students, and Division III is up to 499 students. Winners will be announced and contacted to coordinate prizes after March 6, 2023.

You can track your school’s progress on our leaderboard to see how many words students have mastered. Each accredited school has a dedicated leaderboard. Find yours on our monthly schools leaderboard page and use the state and county filters to find your school. The leaderboards are up year-round, so you can see student mastery in real time even throughout the off-season.

Vocabulary Bowl off-season

The Vocabulary Bowl is currently in its off-season. We're working on some exciting updates to the Vocabulary Bowl, and due to these preparations will be kicking off the next season during the 2023-2024 school year.

Vocabulary.com is your partner for a better way to teach vocabulary. We host the Vocabulary Bowl to motivate and celebrate your students’ learning. In the Vocabulary Bowl, every word mastered counts toward your school’s total. That means everyone participates, collaboration is encouraged, and every student is part of the team!

You can view your school's off-season standings while we work on launching the new Bowl season. You can use the leaderboards to incentivize your students and track their points, however it won't count towards the Vocabulary Bowl just yet.

Please check out our blog for announcements and updates on the Vocabulary Bowl and future challenges. We will be sure to share any information on launch dates for the upcoming season here.