Okay, all you vocabularians! It's your favorite time of the month — the latest the Vocabulary Bowl Roundup Video is here. We've got the highlights from November, starting with the Spotlight segment, which features different schools that have caught our attention with their impressive word-learning efforts.


The November Spotlight shines on the five Division III schools who mastered the most words last month. These are the smaller schools — less than 1,000 students — who are nonetheless racking up some major totals. It's so exciting to see that these fierce contenders are from all over the map: Arizona, Michigan, New York, and Tennessee.

Did you notice that's only four states for the top five spots? You guessed it — one state posted two schools in this highly competitive field, so check out the Roundup Video to see which state is emerging as a Bowl threat in Division III.

We've also got the rundown of the top ten Middle & Elementary Schools and the top ten High Schools. Lanier Middle and Etiwanda High held on tight, but new players like Boyle County High School emerged from relative obscurity to make a splash, and two-time Vocabulary Bowl Champion Chavez is making its much-anticipated move.

With things heating up, December is sure to be a thrilling month of word-learning fueled by the drive to learn, school pride, and a thirst for victory. Just imagine how many words students from all over North America could master with all that extra time on their hands over winter break!

So keep playing, keep learning, and come on back after the New Year to watch the December Roundup. And if you're not in on the action yet, check out the Vocabulary Bowl details, sign up to play for your school, and join the quest for word domination.