At, we have undertaken a comprehensive analysis of how to prepare for the new SAT in a systematic and data-driven way. Students who need guidance for tackling vocabulary on the new SAT can dive into our 8-week study program, "The Roadmap to the SAT."

And if you're a teacher, parent, or test prep instructor looking to help students prepare for the test, check out our article explaining what test-takers can expect in terms of vocabulary: "Don't Believe the Hype: Vocabulary Still Matters on the SAT."

Almost two years ago, the College Board announced that the SAT was undergoing a major overhaul, including how the Reading Test handles vocabulary. In the revamped SAT, more obscure words are no longer tested, in favor of more frequent, multiple-meaning words in context.

Now that the SAT has been significantly redesigned, its traditional approach to vocabulary is a thing of the past. But students and teachers need not worry, as has prepared a clear study program to get ready for the new test, which is being rolled out on March 5th, 2016.

As you'll see, even without the vocab questions traditionally associated with the SAT, vocabulary still plays an important role in the Reading Test. Now the focus is on "words in context," so students need to understand which of a word's possible meanings is applicable given its use in a particular reading passage. And mastering vocabulary words is key in deciphering the language of the test, as well as in answering questions about the tone or attitude of the author of a text.

We've analyzed all of these changes to determine the optimal strategy for students to succeed on the new test. The program of study has created includes a series of learnable vocab lists, with words carefully selected to match the new aspects of the test. And when students learn words on, they will see a brand-new question type added to our arsenal that takes the "words in context" approach. We've already added nearly 2,500 of these new SAT-style questions, with more on the way.

So if you need some vocabulary enlightenment for the new test, what are you waiting for? Get cracking on the 8-week roadmap or read up on our program overview. You'll be glad you did!