Summer may be a time of relaxation and great beach reading, but here at, we've been hard at work. We love this time of year because it's the time when we get to roll out all of the great features we've been planning for and implementing throughout the school year.

That's why we're so excited to announce that the next major release of our website is rolling out today. What's new? Everything. Read on to learn about all the details:

Optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop.

First and foremost, we've redesigned every feature on the site to work well no matter where you are or which device you use - your phone, tablet or desktop.

Whether you are playing the challenge, practicing a list, or looking up a word in our dictionary, we've made everything a little easier and look a little better, especially on the smallest devices.

We've also made all of our reporting functions (for both students and teachers) work seamlessly on mobile. So if you're a teacher and you want to check how your class is doing on your phone, we've got you covered.

Find your way.

We've consolidated and reorganized our navigation and put it under the "hamburger menu" in the upper-right corner of the screen. Click it (or your name and score) to see a site map of everything you can do on And, speaking of your score, now when you're signed in, you can see your score on every page.

Play smarter (and faster).

Another area we concentrated on was improving gameplay. We've streamlined the "challenge" area and made it easier to focus on both the questions and the explanations (we call them "blurbs").

Now, when you're playing, you'll see the blurb for each word you play regardless of whether you get the question right or wrong.

There's also a new status bar at the bottom of the challenge that tells you if you're playing the challenge for "All Words" (your learning program), or practicing a list. Click it to change from playing "All Words" to any of the recent lists you've been practicing. As you play, the status bar will change to show your progress on each word you encounter.

Right above the status bar (on desktop and tablet only), there's a round progress indicator that shows you where you are in the current round. Click on any number to go back to an earlier question.

Have a touchscreen device? Great! Swipe left to go to the next question or right to review previous answers.

No touchscreen? No problem. You can also now use the keyboard to navigate the challenge using the arrow keys. Also, you can use the 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys to answer questions. Pretty neat - just make sure you're still reading those questions — they can be tricky!

Set your learning priority.

Now, when you are playing the game or in the dictionary, you can change the "learning priority" of any word in your learning program. Set it to "auto", "high", or "low" to adjust how often you'll encounter a word. Are you seeing a lot of questions on a word you already know? Change the priority to "low", and we'll stop bothering you (unless it's part of a list you've chosen to learn or an assignment).

Our dictionary just got even faster.

The next time you go look up a word, you'll notice that our dictionary has changed too. We've made it even faster and more efficient, especially on mobile. Clicking in the search box will reveal the auto-complete list, and clicking anywhere else will minimize the auto-complete area so you have more room to read our definitions.

Stay in the loop.

We've improved our notification system, so now if your teacher assigns you work and you're online at the time, you'll get notified immediately.

A foundation for the future.

For us, the most exciting part of this release is that it allows us to roll out new features faster. And we've got a lot planned. Stay tuned for more exciting releases later this summer.

As with any change, we know it might take some getting used to — but we sincerely hope that you grow to love all the new changes. We've been working hard on them for a while, and we're thrilled to finally be able to make them available to all vocabularians.

Thanks again for your support,

The Team