Since we launched our Vocabulary Jam feature back in January of 2018, we've heard one question more than any other from all you Vocab Jammers out there: "I want to Jam, but I don't have anyone to play against. What should I do?"

Now There's Always Someone to Play

Well, starting today, you can play and compete with fellow Jammers from around the world! All you do is go to and join the next public scheduled Jam. There's one starting every ten minutes! That's right — we're automatically creating 10-question Vocabulary Jams from our most recently featured lists, collections, and books. Got a few minutes before the next Jam starts? Click on "Explore the Words" to peruse the words that might show up in the Jam. When you're ready to go, click "Join the Jam" and get ready for the action.

Join a public Jam from the Jam home page

Bring Your Friends!

Public Vocab Jams have 6-digit Jam codes just like any other Jam, so feel free to share the code with your friends and classmates — the more the merrier!

The other place you can see upcoming scheduled Jams is when you finish an activity on We'll show you a "Jam card" that features the next public Jam at the end of every activity.

Join the next public Jam right from the end of any activity

Now that there's always a Jam to join, we hope to see even more of you showing up to enjoy a little fierce-but-friendly competition among vocabularians from all over the world. Game on!