November's Vocabulary Bowl winner was no shocker, but the sheer volume of words mastered sure was.

While Etiwanda High School's eighth monthly win did not necessarily surprise anyone, there was still plenty of word-learning action to keep Bowl fans excited about the 2017 - 2018 season. For starters, students across North America collectively mastered a total of 4,999,203 words in just thirty days. That's a monumental achievement, and we want to congratulate everyone out there for their part in making this year's Bowl bigger and better than ever. 



November 60-Second Roundup

A Record Stands and A Rivalry Brews
The other number that everyone was talking about was 85,912 — the record for most words mastered in one month by a school. While Etiwanda's November total of 62,988 words mastered was enough to snag another win, it fell short of the record. Many thought they'd crush it, having come within a few thousand words in October. So the question remains: who will break the record?

Consider the Patriots of Francis Lewis High School. The Patriots stormed the leaderboard and gave the Eagles a run for their money, and we hear that FLHS is now on the hunt for a win. If they're going to master enough words to take down Etiwanda, Francis Lewis may just be the school that sets the new record. Check out all the division highlights in the November High School Roundup Video.



November High School Roundup

Margate's Spartans Charge Ahead
Defending Middle School Champion and Runner-up Margate Middle School continues its reign atop the leaderboards. But watching the other contenders vie for a spot in the Middle School Top Ten made for some intense action. In the end, four schools were displaced from the previous month. Who tussled their way to the top? Check out the Roundup Video for November's results.



November Middle School Roundup

We Love Larry Lexicon
We love it when students show an enthusiasm for word-learning. We also love teachers who make vocabulary instruction part of their school culture. One school where students and teachers have a serious case of Bowl Fever is Buckingham Charter High School, where “Larry Lexicon” is leading his Knights to Division III greatness. Meet him in our 60-second roundup video, and check out his students’ hilarious and instructive videos on Twitter @BuckingVocab.

Want Bowl Fever to spread at your school? It's never too late to get involved, so check out the Vocabulary Bowl details here. And if you think you and your students have as much charisma as Larry Lexicon, send us an email or Tweet what you're up to @VocabularyCom.