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100 Top SAT Words
Hi Alexandra! Glad you like the list! It's hard to predict which words will show up on the SAT in any specific year. One way that you might consider studying vocabulary is to study Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes and root words. If you learn those well, you will be able to have command of many thousands of words because you will know the word parts so well!

To get started, you might want to check out this list of Power Prefixes from vocabulary.com: https://www.vocabulary.com/lists/190359#view=notes

You'll see that there are other Power Prefix lists on that page!
Monday May 13th 2013, 10:35 AM
Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Outline
I have taught writing at various levels (community college, 4 year university, high school) and have asked my students to simply consider holding off on outlining until they have a draft going -- if then. I cringe when they -- or other teachers -- want to outline in the exploration stage of the writing. How can they know what form it should take until they begin to get a sense of the content? Hmmm...maybe that is "form following function." Unless it is some sort of conventional kind of academic writing, the structure of the piece should rise up out of what the writer has to say to a particular audience. Then, if they get stuck in shaping it, I take them through some strategies to shape the writing. I just don't believe that we write well when we start with structure.
Monday October 10th 2011, 9:02 PM
Hi Audrey,
Not sure if this is what you are asking...but click on "Gallery View" above the word list.
Tuesday March 8th 2011, 10:15 PM
Visual Thesaurus Honored with World Technology Award
Outstanding news! I'm glad to have a working relationship (or is it a wording relationship) with VT and Thinkmap!
Friday December 3rd 2010, 5:50 PM
I will certainly look for something for cardiology.
Sunday May 23rd 2010, 10:57 PM
Heidi Hayes Jacobs on Making Literacy Instruction Work
A professor of mine used to say "If you command the language, you command the idea." I thought she meant just the English language, but she meant it much more precisely (of course). If you command the language of your discipline, you command the ideas of that discipline.
Thursday May 20th 2010, 10:09 AM
Marzano's Six Steps to Effective Vocabulary Instruction
In Colorado Springs School District #11, we have adopted Marzano's 6-step strategy for our district-wide vocabulary initiative. You can see more about our initiative here: District 11 Vocabulary.

Since Marzano argues that vocabulary can be used to activate background knowledge, we are also creating shorter word lists to use along with other web resources (videos primarily) to also activate (or build) background knowledge. The shorter word lists and videos, then, serve as initial mini-lessons into the longer unit. Since students have access to the word lists from any computer, they can also use the lists and resources to review bigger concepts. Using the word lists in this manner -- fewer words embedded in the context of the content -- reflects current best practices in vocabulary instruction.

Here are some example word lists and accompanying resources:

The Spoken Word
The Nature of Addiction
Friday March 19th 2010, 11:28 AM
Nice work! I like your suggestion about the phrases that may not appear here.
Wednesday February 17th 2010, 7:15 PM

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