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PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Cellular, and Home windows 10 are all one version of Minecraft now referred to as "Minecraft Bedrock Version" which doesn't have superb shaders or mods. There's record of mods I have already got: 1.Placable gadgets 2.Sound filters 3.Dynamic bushes 4.Biomes 'o lots 5.Ambient sound's 6.Immersive Engeneering 7.Shopper tweak's 8.Item Lock's 9.SuperMiner Unified 10.Railcraft 11.Sync mod 12.Milineer 13.Although as nails 14.Ecology 15. Serene season. The best thought on this record is "dig straight down." Also, remember, all people, creepers are pals for hugging. It is on this case that our listing of video games like Minecraft, however st

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