Night, list 3

Activities for this list:

definitions & notes only words
  1. pittance
    an inadequate payment
  2. Aryan
    a member of the prehistoric people who spoke Proto-Indo European
  3. imprudent
    not wise
  4. untenable
    incapable of being defended or justified
  5. dissipate
    cause to separate and go in different directions
  6. writhing
    moving in a twisting or snake-like or wormlike fashion
  7. agitated
    physically disturbed or set in motion
  8. affirm
    declare solemnly and formally as true
  9. solemn
    dignified and somber in manner or character
  10. bureaucrat
    a nonelective government official
  11. benediction
    a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection
  12. salvation
    rescuing or protecting someone or something from harm
  13. void
    an empty area or space
  14. reprieve
    postpone the punishment of a convicted criminal
  15. emaciated
    very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold
  16. crucible
    a vessel used for high temperature chemical reactions
  17. dysentery
    an infection of the intestines marked by severe diarrhea
  18. delude
    be dishonest with
  19. exodus
    a journey by a group to escape from a hostile environment
  20. automaton
    a mechanism that can move independently of external control

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