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  1. aside
    not taken into account or excluded from consideration
    Leaving aside the short game issue, there's also the matter of being tournament ready in the traditional sense.Golf Digest (Oct 16, 2013)
  2. demeanor
    the way a person behaves toward other people
    When deploying this tactic, a dreary demeanor will leave you floundering.Time (Apr 8, 2015)
  3. foremost
    ranking above all others
    I think first and foremost that the economy is much more on track.New York Times (Apr 6, 2015)
  4. thereby
    by that means or because of that
    Now, new work finds that a much greater percentage of these impactors actually matched Earth's composition, thereby bolstering the original collision hypothesis.Science Magazine (Apr 8, 2015)
  5. detrimental
    causing harm or injury
    Superior Court judge last year throwing out key teacher job protections on the grounds that they were detrimental to students.Los Angeles Times (Apr 8, 2015)
  6. avert
    prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening
    Further conflict was averted by a peace agreement, which guaranteed ethnic Albanians greater recognition, but tensions have continued to simmer.BBC (May 9, 2015)
  7. manifold
    many and varied; having many features or forms
    From performance art to fan art, there are manifold ways to turn a fandom obsession into a lucrative endeavour.The Guardian (May 20, 2015)
  8. overshadow
    be greater in significance than
    Secretary of State John Kerry's China visit was overshadowed by concerns over Beijing's maritime ambitions in the South China Sea.Reuters (May 20, 2015)
  9. notwithstanding
    despite anything to the contrary
    Notwithstanding the scaling issues, however, it is a reflection on the fact that, generally speaking, attempts to fully automate analytics haven’t worked.Forbes (Jun 2, 2015)
  10. time immemorial
    the distant past beyond memory
    At the Ukrainian Museum in the East Village, March means Easter eggs, which Ukrainians have decorated in intricate patterns since time immemorial.New York Times (Mar 19, 2015)
  11. decry
    express strong disapproval of
    Indeed, he could undoubtedly have listed dozens of examples liberals decrying gun violence and right-wing extremism after mass murders and acts of domestic terrorism.Salon (Jun 23, 2015)
  12. wake
    the consequences of an event
    After mostly recovering in the wake of the financial crisis, these peaked toward the end of 2013.Wall Street Journal (Jul 1, 2015)
  13. spill over
    overflow with a certain feeling
    The IMF warned in April that "property price declines - especially in China - could spill over to emerging markets more broadly".BBC (Jul 2, 2015)
  14. spillover
    (economics) any indirect effect of public expenditure
    Spillover from the war in Libya and a downturn in Europe, Tunisia’s biggest trading partner, also threaten the economy.Economist (Jul 2, 2015)
  15. hinge on
    be contingent on
    How the Greek situation will play out in Spain hinges on what happens in the coming days, said Torreblanca.The Guardian (Jul 6, 2015)
  16. hurdle
    an obstacle that you are expected to overcome
    Beyond India, the company faces political hurdles in Russia and money-losing shale operations in the U.S.Wall Street Journal (Jul 22, 2015)
  17. plight
    a situation from which extrication is difficult
    In their view, American economists have provided intellectual respectability to ill-considered initiatives from Athens that have worsened the country’s economic plight.Wall Street Journal (Jul 23, 2015)
  18. shrewdly
    in a shrewd manner
    If only the Greeks had played their hand more shrewdly, a better deal could have been reached and the crisis could have been resolved.BBC (Aug 15, 2015)
  19. thwart
    hinder or prevent, as an effort, plan, or desire
    Demographers have been urging Beijing to do more to thwart a predicted labor shortage, arguing that they should lift birth restrictions entirely.Wall Street Journal (Oct 29, 2015)
Created on April 8, 2015 (updated October 29, 2015)

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