"Ghost" by Jason Reynolds, Chapters 4–6

Castle Cranshaw, also known as Ghost, could be the star sprinter on his middle school track team — if he can stay out of trouble.

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  1. universal
    applicable to or common to all members of a group or set
    I asked, my head cocked to the side, which is pretty much the universal symbol for watch yourself, homie.
  2. blather
    talk foolishly
    Despite his riding-in-silence comment, Coach was blathering on, probably telling me a story, but I wasn't really listening.
  3. procrastinate
    postpone doing what one should be doing
    I knew what I needed to do, and I knew that I had to do it before my mother got home and made me eat dinner and watch some sappy flick with her while she procrastinated doing her homework.
  4. frayed
    worn away or tattered along the edges
    I untied my frayed shoestrings—I had to cut them, too—and slipped my sneakers off, tucking them under the bench.
  5. bumble
    walk unsteadily
    The streets can be noisy with cars, and people bumbling around, not to mention when you're running scared, like I was, the only sound you really hear is the sound of your own heart banging like a scary soundtrack to the chase.
  6. paranoid
    suffering from delusions of persecution or grandeur
    The cops never came. I didn't stop, though. Too paranoid.
  7. loiter
    linger, remain, or wait around for no apparent reason
    "Ain't nobody loitering. You don't see me just spitting seeds on your floor or nothing like that," I protested. I opened my hand so he could see that I had been spitting them into my palm.
    "No, not littering. Loitering,” Mr. Charles said, ripping open a box. "Means you can't just stand around."
  8. lanky
    tall and thin and having long slender limbs
    Mikey and Aaron and Brit-Brat and J.J. and pretty much all the vets groaned, but I could tell they were impressed by lanky-legged Sunny.
  9. grill
    question or examine thoroughly
    "Do you grill all the kids on the team like this? Or just me?"
  10. spout
    gush forth in a sudden stream or jet
Created on October 7, 2019

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