Visual Arts - List 1

Show your true colors by learning these words related to visual art. This list covers different media and artistic techniques, artists' tools, and other essential vocabulary. It's truly a work of art.
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  1. abstract
    not representing or imitating external reality
  2. asymmetry
    a lack of balance or proportion among the parts of something
  3. background
    the part of a scene behind objects in the front
  4. balance
    harmonious arrangement or relation of parts within a whole
  5. blend
    mix together different elements
  6. calligraphy
    beautiful handwriting
  7. canvas
    an oil painting on a heavy, closely woven fabric
  8. ceramic
    an artifact made of clay baked at a high temperature
  9. collage
    a paste-up of pieces to form an artistic image
  10. composition
    the spatial property resulting from the arrangement of parts
  11. contrast
    perceptual effect of the juxtaposition of different colors
  12. contemporary
    occurring in the same period of time
  13. tone
    the general atmosphere of a place or situation
  14. vignette
    a photograph whose edges shade off gradually
  15. sketch
    preliminary drawing for later elaboration
Created on September 2, 2019 (updated September 2, 2019)

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