Verbs that Mean Business List 2

Initiative, leadership, and problem solving verbs
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  1. coordinate
    of equal importance, rank, or degree
  2. appoint
    assign a duty, responsibility, or obligation to
  3. counsel
    something that provides direction or advice
  4. enrich
    make better or improve in quality
  5. delegate
    a person appointed or elected to represent others
  6. invent
    come up with after a mental effort
  7. inspire
    serve as the inciting cause of
  8. empower
    give or delegate authority to
  9. refine
    reduce to a pure state
  10. pioneer
    one the first colonists or settlers in a new territory
  11. moderate
    marked by avoidance of extravagance or extremes
  12. identify
    recognize as being
  13. recognize
    perceive to be something or something you can identify
  14. motivate
    give an incentive for action
  15. solicit
    request urgently or persistently
Created on September 1, 2019 (updated September 2, 2019)

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