TSI Prep Vocabulary - List 3

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  1. produce
    bring forth or yield
  2. strategy
    an elaborate and systematic plan of action
  3. physical
    involving the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit
  4. punishment
    the act of imposing a penalty
  5. mental
    involving the mind or an intellectual process
  6. caution
    judiciousness in avoiding harm or danger
  7. alert
    warn or arouse to a sense of danger
  8. topic
    the subject matter of a conversation or discussion
  9. drowsy
    half asleep
  10. suddenly
    happening unexpectedly
  11. avoid
    stay away from
  12. study
    applying the mind to learning and understanding a subject
  13. remain
    continue in a place, position, or situation
  14. emotion
    any strong feeling
  15. ignore
    refuse to acknowledge
Created on September 1, 2019 (updated September 1, 2019)

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