29 Critical Verbs for Common Core

Students need to know and understand these 29 verbs to be ready for the assessments of Common Core Standards that will be assessed next year.
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Full list of words from this list:

  1. analyze
    break down into components or essential features
  2. articulate
    express or state clearly
  3. cite
    make reference to
  4. compare
    examine and note the similarities or differences of
  5. contrast
    the opposition or dissimilarity of things that are compared
  6. comprehend
    get the meaning of something
  7. delineate
    represented accurately or precisely
  8. demonstrate
    give an exhibition of to an interested audience
  9. describe
    give a statement representing something
  10. determine
    find out or learn with certainty, as by making an inquiry
  11. develop
    progress or evolve through a process of natural growth
  12. distinguish
    mark as different
  13. draw
    cause to move by pulling
  14. evaluate
    estimate the nature, quality, ability or significance of
  15. explain
    make plain and comprehensible
  16. identify
    recognize as being
  17. infer
    conclude by reasoning
  18. integrate
    make into a whole or make part of a whole
  19. interpret
    make sense of; assign a meaning to
  20. locate
    determine the place of by searching or examining
  21. organize
    arrange by systematic planning and united effort
  22. refer
    make a remark that calls attention to
  23. retell
    to say, state, or perform again
  24. suggest
    make a proposal; declare a plan for something
  25. summarize
    briefly present the main points of something
  26. paraphrase
    express the same message in different words
  27. support
    the act of bearing the weight of or strengthening
  28. synthesize
    combine and form a complex whole
  29. trace
    an indication that something has been present
Created on August 25, 2013

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