Language arts, Grades 1-5

Vocabulary list related to English language arts for students in grades 1-5.

Activities for this list:

definitions & notes only words
  1. abbreviation
    shortening something by omitting parts of it
  2. actor
    a performer in theater, television, or film
  3. adjective
    the word class that qualifies nouns
  4. adverb
    a word that modifies something other than a noun
  5. advertisement
    a public promotion of some product or service
  6. affix
    attach to
  7. alphabet
    a character set of letters and is used to write a language
  8. animation
    quality of being active or spirited or alive and vigorous
  9. antonym
    a word that expresses an opposite meaning
  10. apology
    an expression of regret at having caused trouble for someone
  11. apostrophe
    a mark used to indicate the omission of one or more letters
  12. appendix
    a vestigial process that resembles a small pouch
  13. audience
    a gathering of spectators or listeners at a performance
  14. author
    a person who writes professionally
  15. auxiliary verb
    a verb that combines with another verb in a verb phrase to help form tense, mood, voice, or condition of the verb it combines with
  16. blend
    mix together different elements
  17. book
    an object consisting of a number of pages bound together
  18. brainstorm
    try to solve a problem by thinking intensely about it
  19. capitalization
    writing in uppercase letters
  20. card catalog
    a library catalog in which each publication is described on a separate file card
  21. cartoon
    a humorous or satirical drawing in a newspaper or magazine
  22. chapter
    a subdivision of a written work; usually numbered and titled
  23. character
    a property that defines the individual nature of something
  24. chart
    a visual display of information
  25. checklist
    a list of items to be checked or consulted
  26. citation
    an official award usually given as formal public statement
  27. colon
    the part of the large intestine between the cecum and rectum
  28. comma
    a punctuation mark (,) indicating the separation of elements
  29. command
    an authoritative direction or instruction to do something
  30. commercial
    connected with or engaged in the exchange of goods
  31. common noun
    a noun that denotes any or all members of a class
  32. complex sentence
    a sentence composed of at least one main clause and one subordinate clause
  33. composition
    the way in which someone or something is put together
  34. comprehension
    an ability to understand the meaning of something
  35. conclusion
    a position or opinion reached after consideration
  36. contraction
    the act of decreasing in size or volume or quantity or scope
  37. contrast
    the opposition or dissimilarity of things that are compared
  38. conversation
    the use of speech for informal exchange of views or ideas
  39. cue
    a reminder for some action or speech
  40. cursive
    handwriting in which letters are connected within words
  41. custom
    accepted or habitual practice
  42. declarative sentence
    a sentence (in the indicative mood) that makes a declaration
  43. decode
    convert code into ordinary language
  44. definition
    a concise explanation of the meaning of a word or phrase
  45. detail
    a small part considered separately from the whole
  46. diary
    a daily written record of experiences and observations
  47. dictionary
    a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words
  48. director
    someone who controls resources and expenditures
  49. discussion
    an extended communication dealing with a particular topic
  50. double negative
    an affirmative constructed from two negatives
  51. draft
    a current of air
  52. drama
    a work intended for performance by actors on a stage
  53. drawing
    a representation of forms or objects on a surface by means of lines
  54. e-mail
    (computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient's terminal when the recipient logs in
  55. edit
    prepare for publication or presentation by revising
  56. encyclopedia
    a reference work containing articles on various topics
  57. ending
    the act of ending something
  58. essay
    an analytic or interpretive literary composition
  59. example
    an item of information that is typical of a class or group
  60. explanation
    making something plain or intelligible
  61. expression
    the communication of your beliefs or opinions
  62. fable
    a short moral story
  63. facial expression
    a gesture executed with the facial muscles
  64. fairy tale
    a story about fairies; told to amuse children
  65. fantasy
    imagination unrestricted by reality
  66. fiction
    a literary work based on the imagination
  67. first name
    the name that precedes the surname
  68. first person
    pronouns and verbs used to refer to the speaker or writer of the language in which they occur
  69. folktale
    a tale circulated by word of mouth among the common folk
  70. genre
    a kind of literary or artistic work
  71. gesture
    motion of hands or body to emphasize a thought or feeling
  72. glossary
    an alphabetical list of technical terms in a field
  73. grammar
    the branch of linguistics that deals with sentence structure
  74. graphic artist
    an artist who designs and makes prints
  75. graphics
    photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication
  76. greeting
    an acknowledgment or expression of good will
  77. group discussion
    a discussion among participants who have an agreed topic
  78. heading
    a line of text indicating what the passage below it is about
  79. headline
    the heading or caption of a newspaper article
  80. humor
    a message that has the power to evoke laughter
  81. illustration
    a visual representation to make a subject easy to understand
  82. imagery
    the ability to form mental pictures of things or events
  83. indentation
    the space left between the margin and a line set in
  84. index
    alphabetical listing of names and topics with page numbers
  85. inference
    drawing a conclusion on the basis of circumstantial evidence
  86. internet
    a worldwide network of computer networks
  87. interrogative sentence
    a sentence of inquiry that asks for a reply
  88. introduction
    the act of beginning something new
  89. investigate
    conduct an inquiry of
  90. invitation
    a request to be present or take part in something
  91. journal
    a daily written record of experiences and observations
  92. key word
    a significant word used in indexing or cataloging
  93. language
    a means of communicating by the use of sounds or symbols
  94. last name
    the name used to identify the members of a family
  95. legend
    a story about mythical or supernatural beings or events
  96. letter
    a written message addressed to a person or organization
  97. linking verb
    an equating verb (such as `be' or `become') that links the subject with the complement of a sentence
  98. list
    a database containing an ordered array of items
  99. literature
    writings in a particular style on a particular subject
  100. lowercase
    relating to small (not capitalized) letters that were kept in the lower half of a compositor's type case
  101. magazine
    a periodic publication containing articles and pictures
  102. margin
    the boundary line or area immediately inside the boundary
  103. mental image
    an iconic mental representation
  104. message
    a communication that is written or spoken or signaled
  105. miscue
    a faulty shot in billiards
  106. mood
    a characteristic state of feeling
  107. motive
    the reason that arouses action toward a desired goal
  108. mystery
    something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained
  109. myth
    a traditional story serving to explain a world view
  110. negative
    characterized by denial or opposition or resistance
  111. news
    information about recent and important events
  112. newspaper
    a daily or weekly publication on folded sheets
  113. nonfiction
    prose writing that is not formed by the imagination
  114. noun
    a content word referring to a person, place, thing or action
  115. novel
    an extended fictional work in prose
  116. object
    a tangible and visible entity
  117. opinion
    a personal belief or judgment
  118. oral presentation
    delivering an address to a public audience
  119. organization
    a methodical and orderly manner or approach
  120. outline
    the line that appears to bound an object
  121. pamphlet
    a small book usually having a paper cover
  122. paragraph
    one of several distinct subdivisions of a text
  123. passage
    the act of moving from one state or place to the next
  124. past tense
    a verb tense that expresses actions or states in the past
  125. peer review
    evaluate professionally a colleague's work
  126. pen pal
    a person you come to know by frequent friendly correspondence
  127. period
    an amount of time
  128. personal letter
    a letter dealing with personal affairs
  129. personal pronoun
    a pronoun expressing a distinction of person
  130. photographer
    someone who takes photographs professionally
  131. phrase
    an expression consisting of one or more words
  132. picture book
    a book consisting chiefly of pictures
  133. pitch
    the high or low quality of a sound
  134. plot
    a small area of ground covered by specific vegetation
  135. poem
    a composition in metrical feet forming rhythmical lines
  136. point of view
    a mental position from which things are perceived
  137. posture
    the arrangement of the body and its limbs
  138. preface
    a short introductory essay preceding the text of a book
  139. prefix
    an affix that is added in front of the word
  140. preposition
    a word before a noun or pronoun connecting to another word
  141. prepositional phrase
    a phrase beginning with a preposition
  142. presentation
    the activity of formally giving something, as a prize
  143. preview
    an advertisement with short scenes from a motion picture
  144. print
    the text appearing in a book, newspaper, or other printed publication
  145. pronoun
    a function word that is used in place of a noun
  146. pronunciation
    the manner in which someone utters a word
  147. proofread
    read for errors
  148. proper noun
    a noun that denotes a particular thing; usually capitalized
  149. publish
    prepare and issue for public distribution or sale
  150. punctuation
    the use of marks to clarify meaning of written material
  151. purpose
    what something is used for
  152. question
    a sentence of inquiry that asks for a reply
  153. question mark
    a punctuation mark (?) placed at the end of a sentence to indicate a question
  154. quotation
    a passage or expression that is cited
  155. rating
    standing or position on a scale
  156. request
    express the need or desire for; ask for
  157. reread
    read anew; read again
  158. retell
    to say, state, or perform again
  159. revise
    make changes to
  160. rhyme
    correspondence in the final sounds of two or more lines
  161. root word
    the form of a word after all affixes are removed
  162. scan
    examine minutely or intensely
  163. science fiction
    literary fantasy involving the impact of science on society
  164. second person
    pronouns and verbs used to refer to the person addressed by the language in which they occur
  165. sentence
    a string of words satisfying grammatical rules of a language
  166. sentence structure
    the grammatical arrangement of words in sentences
  167. setting
    the physical position of something
  168. short story
    a prose narrative shorter than a novel
  169. sign
    a visible clue that something has happened or is present
  170. signature
    your name written in your own handwriting
  171. skim
    remove from the surface
  172. sound effect
    an effect that imitates a sound called for in the script of a play
  173. source
    the place where something begins
  174. special effect
    an effect used to produce scenes that cannot be achieved by normal techniques (especially on film)
  175. speech
    communication by word of mouth
  176. spelling
    forming words with letters according to the principles underlying accepted usage
  177. subject
    some situation or event that is thought about
  178. suffix
    an affix that is added at the end of the word
  179. summarize
    present the main points in a concise form
  180. summary
    a brief statement that presents the main points
  181. suspense
    an uncertain cognitive state
  182. syllabication
    forming or dividing words into syllables
  183. syllable
    a unit of spoken language larger than a phoneme
  184. symbol
    something visible that represents something invisible
  185. symbolism
    the practice of investing things with arbitrary meaning
  186. synonym
    a word that expresses the same or similar meaning
  187. table
    furniture having a smooth flat top supported by legs
  188. table of contents
    a list of divisions and the pages on which they start
  189. take turns
    do something in turns
  190. tall tale
    an improbable (unusual or incredible or fanciful) story
  191. target language
    the language into which a text written in another language is to be translated
  192. television program
    a program broadcast by television
  193. tense
    taut or rigid; stretched tight
  194. text
    the words of something written
  195. textbook
    a book prepared for use in schools or colleges
  196. theater
    a building where performances can be presented
  197. theme
    the subject matter of a conversation or discussion
  198. thesaurus
    a book containing a classified list of synonyms
  199. third person
    pronouns and verbs that are used to refer to something other than the speaker or addressee of the language in which they occur
  200. title
    the name of a work of art or literary composition
  201. title page
    a page of a book displaying the title and author and publisher
  202. tone
    the distinctive property of a complex sound
  203. topic sentence
    a sentence that states the topic of its paragraph
  204. typeface
    a specific size and style of type within a type family
  205. typing
    writing done with a typewriter
  206. uppercase
    relating to capital letters which were kept in the top half of a compositor's type case
  207. usage
    the act of employing
  208. verb
    a word denoting an action, occurrence, or state of existence
  209. videotape
    a relatively wide magnetic tape for use in recording visual images and associated sound
  210. villain
    someone who does evil deliberately
  211. vocabulary
    a language user's knowledge of words
  212. voice
    the sound made by the vibration of vocal folds
  213. volume
    the property of something that is great in magnitude
  214. vowel sound
    a speech sound made with the vocal tract open
  215. website
    a computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web

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