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  1. raffle
    a lottery in which the prizes are goods rather than money
  2. railing
    a barrier consisting of a horizontal bar and supports
  3. raise
    move upwards
  4. rate
    a quantity considered as a proportion of another quantity
  5. real estate
    property consisting of houses and land
  6. realistic
    aware or expressing awareness of things as they are
  7. reasonable
    showing sound judgment
  8. recall
    bring to mind
  9. recent
    of the immediate past or just previous to the present time
  10. reception desk
    a counter (as in a hotel) where guests are received
  11. recipient
    a person to whom something is sent, given, or awarded
  12. recommend
    express a good opinion of
  13. recommendation
    praise of a person or thing as worthy or desirable
  14. record
    anything providing permanent evidence about past events
  15. recruitment
    enlisting people for the army (or for a job or a cause etc.)
  16. recycling
    the act of processing used or abandoned materials for use in creating new products
  17. refurbish
    improve the appearance or functionality of
  18. register
    an official written record of names or events
  19. registration
    the act of enrolling
  20. regret
    feel sorry for; be contrite about
  21. regular
    conforming to a standard or pattern
  22. regularly
    in a regular manner
  23. regulate
    bring into conformity with rules, principles, or usage
  24. regulation
    the act of bringing to uniformity
  25. reimburse
    pay back for some expense incurred
  26. reimbursement
    compensation paid for damages or money already spent
  27. reject
    refuse to accept or acknowledge
  28. relationship
    a mutual connection between people
  29. relative
    not absolute or complete
  30. relax
    make less taut
  31. release
    grant freedom to; free from confinement
  32. relocate
    become established in a new place
  33. remind
    put in the mind of someone
  34. remove
    take something away as by lifting, pushing, or taking off
  35. renew
    reestablish on an improved basis
  36. renovate
    restore to a previous or better condition
  37. renovation
    the act of improving by renewing and restoring
  38. renowned
    widely known and esteemed
  39. repeated
    recurring again and again
  40. replace
    put something back where it belongs
  41. replacement
    the act of substituting one person or thing for another
  42. reply
    react verbally
  43. report
    to give an account or representation of in words
  44. represent
    be a delegate or spokesperson for
  45. representative
    serving to typify
  46. reputation
    the general estimation that the public has for a person
  47. require
    have need of
  48. requirement
    necessary activity
  49. reschedule
    assign a new time and place for an event
  50. researcher
    a scientist devoted to systematic investigation
  51. reservoir
    lake used to store water for community use
  52. reside
    live in
  53. residence
    any address at which you dwell more than temporarily
  54. resident
    someone who lives at a particular place for a long period
  55. residential
    of or relating to the act of dwelling in a place
  56. resign
    accept as inevitable
  57. respect
    regard highly; think much of
  58. respective
    considered individually
  59. respond
    show a reaction to something
  60. responsibility
    the social force that binds you to a course of action
  61. rest stop
    designated paved area beside a main road where cars can stop temporarily
  62. restoration
    returning something or someone to a satisfactory state
  63. restriction
    an act of limiting
  64. retail
    the selling of goods to consumers
  65. retirement
    the state of being withdrawn from one's business
  66. retreat
    the act of withdrawing or going backward
  67. revenue
    the entire amount of income before any deductions are made
  68. review
    look at again; examine again
  69. revise
    make changes to
  70. reward
    compensation for worthy acts or retribution for wrongdoing
  71. route
    an established line of travel or access
  72. routine
    an unvarying or habitual method or procedure
  73. salesperson
    a person employed to represent a business and to sell its merchandise (as to customers in a store or to customers who are visited)
  74. satisfy
    meet the requirements or expectations of
  75. save
    bring into safety
  76. scaffold
    a temporary arrangement erected around a building
  77. scratch
    cut, scrape, or wear away the surface of
  78. sculpture
    a three-dimensional work of art
  79. seal
    fastener consisting of a resin that is plastic when warm
  80. secure
    free from danger or risk
  81. security
    the state of being free from danger or injury
  82. selective
    characterized by very careful or fastidious choice
  83. semiannual
    occurring or payable twice each year
  84. sensitive
    responsive to physical stimuli
  85. set up
    create by putting components or members together
  86. severe
    very harsh or strict, especially when dealing with others
  87. sewage
    waste matter carried away in drains
  88. shareholder
    someone who owns stock in a corporation
  89. shelter
    covering that provides protection from the weather
  90. shelve
    place on a shelf
  91. shift
    move very slightly
  92. ship
    a vessel that carries passengers or freight
  93. shipment
    the act of sending off something
  94. shoelace
    a lace used for fastening shoes
  95. shore
    the land along the edge of a body of water
  96. shorten
    make short or shorter
  97. shut down
    cease to operate or cause to cease operating
  98. sidewalk
    walk consisting of a paved area for pedestrians
  99. sign up
    engage by written agreement
  100. signature
    your name written in your own handwriting
  101. significant
    rich in implication
  102. sincerely
    without pretense
  103. situate
    determine or indicate the place or limits of
  104. sizable
    fairly large
  105. slice
    a thin flat piece cut off of some object
  106. solicit
    request urgently or persistently
  107. sort out
    arrange or order by classes or categories
  108. source
    the place where something begins
  109. souvenir
    something of sentimental value
  110. spacious
    having ample room
  111. spare time
    time that is free from duties or responsibilities
  112. specialist
    an expert devoted to one occupation or branch of learning
  113. specific
    stated explicitly or in detail
  114. spectacular
    sensational in appearance or thrilling in effect
  115. spend
    pass time in a specific way
  116. stack
    an orderly pile
  117. state
    the way something is with respect to its main attributes
  118. state-of-the-art
    the highest level of development at a particular time
  119. statue
    a sculpture representing a human or animal
  120. status
    the condition or someone or something at a particular time
  121. steadily
    at a continuous rate or pace
  122. stimulate
    cause to act in a specified manner
  123. storage
    the act of keeping something for future use
  124. strategy
    an elaborate and systematic plan of action
  125. stress
    special emphasis attached to something
  126. strict
    rigidly accurate; allowing no deviation from a standard
  127. strive
    attempt by employing effort
  128. structure
    a complex entity made of many parts
  129. struggle
    strenuous effort
  130. submit
    yield to the control of another
  131. subscribe
    pay as a contribution to a charity or service
  132. subscription
    agreement expressed by signing your name
  133. subsequent
    following in time or order
  134. suburb
    a residential district located on the outskirts of a city
  135. suburban
    relating to or characteristic of or situated in suburbs
  136. sudden
    happening without warning or in a short space of time
  137. sufficient
    of a quantity that can fulfill a need or requirement
  138. summarize
    briefly present the main points of something
  139. superb
    surpassingly good
  140. supervisor
    one who has charge and direction of
  141. supplement
    an additional component that improves capability
  142. supply
    circulate or distribute or equip with
  143. support
    the act of bearing the weight of or strengthening
  144. surpass
    be or do something to a greater degree
  145. surplus
    a quantity much larger than is needed
  146. surround
    extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle
  147. survey
    determining opinions by interviewing people
  148. suspicious
    openly distrustful and unwilling to confide
  149. sustain
    lengthen or extend in duration or space
  150. take down
    move something or somebody to a lower position
  151. talented
    endowed with talent or talents
  152. taxpayer
    someone who pays taxes
  153. technician
    someone who is trained in a specific process
  154. tedious
    so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness
  155. temperature
    the degree of hotness or coldness of a body or environment
  156. temporarily
    for a limited time only; not permanently
  157. temporary
    not permanent; not lasting
  158. tenant
    someone who pays rent to use property owned by someone else
  159. terminate
    bring to an end or halt
  160. threaten
    utter intentions of injury or punishment against
  161. thrill
    something that causes a sudden intense feeling
  162. timetable
    a schedule of times of arrivals and departures
  163. total
    the whole amount
  164. tournament
    a competition in which contestants play a series of games
  165. tow
    drag behind
  166. traditional
    consisting of or derived from a practice of long standing
  167. traffic jam
    a number of vehicles blocking one another until they can scarcely move
  168. transaction
    conducting business within or between groups
  169. transfer
    move from one place to another
  170. travel expense
    (frequently plural) expenses incurred by an employee in the performance of the job and usually reimbursed by the employer
  171. treat
    apply a process to with the aim of preparing for a purpose
  172. treatment
    the management of someone or something
  173. trim
    make a reduction in
  174. turn down
    take a downward direction
  175. undergo
    pass through
  176. understaffed
    not having enough workers
  177. unemployment rate
    the percentage of the work force that is unemployed at any given date
  178. unfurnished
    not equipped with what is needed especially furniture
  179. unique
    the single one of its kind
  180. unlimited
    having no limits in range or scope
  181. unoccupied
    not held or filled or in use
  182. upcoming
    of the relatively near future
  183. urban
    relating to a city or densely populated area
  184. urgent
    compelling immediate action
  185. utility
    the quality of being of practical use
  186. vacancy
    an empty area or space
  187. vacant
    not containing anyone or anything; unfilled or unoccupied
  188. vacate
    leave behind empty; move out of
  189. various
    having great diversity or variety
  190. vehicle
    a conveyance that transports people or objects
  191. vendor
    someone who exchanges goods or services for money
  192. venue
    the scene of any event or action
  193. verify
    confirm the truth of
  194. versatile
    having great diversity or variety
  195. voluntary
    of your own free will or design
  196. volunteer
    a person who performs work done by choice
  197. waive
    do without or cease to hold or adhere to
  198. wallpaper
    a decorative paper for the walls of rooms
  199. warehouse
    a storehouse for goods and merchandise
  200. waste
    use inefficiently or inappropriately
  201. welcoming
    very cordial
  202. well-known
    widely or fully known
  203. withdraw
    pull back or move away or backward
  204. wonder
    the feeling aroused by something strange and surprising
  205. workforce
    the people employed or available for employment
  206. workstation
    a desktop digital computer that is conventionally considered to be more powerful than a microcomputer
  207. worth
    the quality of being desirable or valuable
  208. year-round
    operating or continuing throughout the year
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