Touching Spirit Bear

Vocabulary words from Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen

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  1. defiant
    boldly resisting authority or an opposing force
  2. skiff
    a small boat propelled by oars or by sails or by a motor
  3. barrage
    the heavy fire of artillery to saturate an area
  4. venomous
    extremely poisonous or injurious
  5. sullenly
    in a manner showing a brooding ill humor
  6. banishment
    rejection by means of an act of banishing or proscribing someone
  7. symbolize
    represent or identify by using arbitrary signs
  8. obligation
    the state of being bound to do or pay something
  9. dignity
    the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect
  10. isolate
    place or set apart
  11. devoted
    zealous in allegiance or affection
  12. taunt
    harass with persistent criticism or carping
  13. persistent
    stubbornly unyielding
  14. scrounge
    obtain or seek to obtain by cadging or wheedling
  15. manipulate
    influence or control shrewdly or deviously
  16. remote
    located far away spatially
  17. vanished
    having passed out of existence
  18. bough
    any of the larger branches of a tree
  19. shroud
    burial garment in which a corpse is wrapped
  20. incessant
    uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing
  21. gluttonous
    given to excess in consumption of especially food or drink
  22. gluttonously
    in a gluttonous manner
  23. maul
    injure badly
  24. bile
    a digestive juice secreted by the liver
  25. haphazard
    dependent upon or characterized by chance
  26. detonate
    cause to burst with a violent release of energy
  27. silhouette
    a filled-in drawing of the outline of an object
  28. bizarre
    conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual
  29. antibiotic
    a substance used to kill microorganisms and cure infections
  30. hobble
    walk impeded by some physical limitation or injury
  31. diminished
    made to seem smaller or less, especially in worth
  32. sarcastically
    in a sarcastic manner
  33. savoring
    taking a small amount into the mouth to test its quality
  34. ancestry
    the lineage of an individual
  35. totem
    emblem consisting of an object such as an animal or plant
  36. ceremoniously
    in a ceremonious manner
  37. indifferent
    marked by a lack of interest
  38. massive
    containing a great quantity of matter
  39. scrounger
    someone who mooches or cadges (tries to get something free)
  40. venomously
    in a very malevolent manner
  41. omen
    a sign of a thing about to happen
  42. wallow
    roll around
  43. feign
    make believe with the intent to deceive
  44. mosey
    walk leisurely
  45. brandish
    move or swing back and forth
  46. smolder
    burn slowly and without a flame
  47. muster
    gather or bring together
  48. barrage
    the heavy fire of artillery to saturate an area
  49. stifling
    characterized by oppressive heat and humidity
  50. devour
    eat immoderately
  51. conjure
    summon into action or bring into existence
  52. notion
    a general inclusive concept
  53. shroud
    burial garment in which a corpse is wrapped
  54. roiled
    (of a liquid) agitated vigorously; in a state of turbulence
  55. stoke
    stir up
  56. incessant
    uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing
  57. rivulet
    a small stream
  58. gluttonous
    given to excess in consumption of especially food or drink
  59. brazenly
    in a brazen manner
  60. lumber
    move heavily or clumsily
  61. saunter
    walk leisurely and with no apparent aim
  62. amble
    walk leisurely
  63. haggard
    showing the wearing effects of overwork or care or suffering
  64. delirium
    a usually brief state of excitement and mental confusion
  65. vengeance
    harming someone in retaliation for something they have done
  66. gunwale
    plank or ridge at the top of the side of boat
  67. vault
    the act of jumping over an obstacle
  68. scouring
    the act of cleaning a surface by rubbing it with a brush and soap and water
Created on July 26, 2012 (updated July 26, 2012)

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