Principles of Business, Unit 2: Chapter 8

This list focuses on human resources, culture, and diversity (Unit 2, Chapter 8).

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  1. workforce
    the people employed or available for employment
  2. downsize
    make a company smaller by dismissing employees
  3. job
    a specific piece of work required to be done as a duty
  4. analysis
    a detailed investigation or examination of something
  5. compensation
    something given or received as payment or reparation
  6. salary
    fixed payment for services
  7. wage
    payment for work
  8. benefit
    something that aids or promotes well-being
  9. incentive
    a positive motivational influence
  10. promotion
    the act of raising in rank or position
  11. transfer
    move somebody to a different position or location of work
  12. termination
    the act of ending something
  13. culture
    the attitudes characteristic of a particular social group
  14. environment
    the totality of surrounding conditions
  15. union
    an employee organization that bargains with an employer
  16. diversity
    noticeable variety
  17. limit
    as far as something can go
  18. obstacle
    something that stands in the way and must be surmounted
  19. specialist
    an expert devoted to one occupation or branch of learning
  20. negotiator
    someone who confers with others to reach a settlement
  21. recruit
    seek to employ
  22. professional
    of or relating to or suitable as an occupation
  23. varied
    characterized by diversity
  24. capability
    the quality of being able to do something
  25. qualified
    able to perform a specified function or practice a skill
  26. streamline
    contour economically or efficiently
  27. efficient
    being effective without wasting time, effort, or expense
  28. obsolete
    no longer in use
  29. eliminate
    end, take out, or do away with
  30. contribution
    the part played by a person in bringing about a result
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