Holiday Words

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  1. Christmas
    a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Christ
  2. tree
    a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
  3. Hannukah
    (Judaism) an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem in 165 BC
  4. Kwanza
    a festival featuring African-American culture
  5. Yuletide
    period extending from Dec. 24 to Jan. 6
  6. chestnut
    any of several attractive deciduous trees yellow-brown in autumn; yield a hard wood and edible nuts in a prickly bur
  7. ornament
    something used to beautify
  8. peppermint
    red gum tree of Tasmania
  9. candy cane
    a hard candy in the shape of a rod (usually with stripes)
  10. menorah
    a seven- or nine-branched candelabrum used in Jewish worship
  11. altar
    a raised structure on which sacrifices to a god are made
  12. hymnal
    a songbook containing a collection of hymns
  13. light
    electromagnetic radiation that can produce visual sensation
  14. frankincense
    an aromatic gum resin formerly valued for worship
  15. gold
    a soft yellow malleable ductile metallic element
  16. myrrh
    aromatic resin that is burned as incense and used in perfume
  17. candle
    stick of wax with a wick in the middle
  18. Santa Claus
    the legendary patron saint of children
  19. jingle
    a metallic sound
  20. bell
    a hollow metal device that makes a ringing sound when struck
  21. Noel
    period extending from Dec. 24 to Jan. 6
  22. holiday
    leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure

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